2 jours / 6 talks
Internationally Well-Known Speakers

April 4-5, 2017

Carl Gravel

Director, Global Expansion – Consulting for BDC

Mr. Gravel is the Director, International Expansion at BDC. He brings extensive experience in business development, SME financing and financial product development, customer service, as well as international commerce.

In this role, he is responsible to develop strategies and relevant business solutions to help Canadian SME’s adapt to changing global markets. He is also responsible for the promotion of overall understanding of globalization and assist selected clients in developing and implementing their international strategies.

Mr. Gravel was previously with the BDC and acquired further experience as a partner with PFL International, Moreault & Associates Asia and earlier with National Bank of Canada. He was also the President of the Montreal Chapter of the Hong Kong Canada Business Association (HKCBA). Mr. Gravel holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance and a Graduate Certificate in International Business from McGill University. He also has the Certified International Trade Professional (C.I.T.P.) certification.


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