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April 4-5, 2017

André Downs

Chief Economist for Global Affairs Canada

The Office of the Chief Economist at Global Affairs Canada is responsible for the provision of trade and economic research and analysis in support of trade and investment policies, and for the assessment of global, regional and sectoral trends and developments afffecting Canada’s international economic relations.

Before joining DFATD, Dr. André Downs was Director General of Economic Research and Analysis at the Policy Research Initiative (PRI), where he managed research projects on North American economic integration, productivity, S&T, and regulatory strategy.

Previously, André Downs was Deputy Commissioner at the Competition Bureau, where he was responsible for competition policy.  He also held several positions as manager, economist and analyst at both the Privy Council Office and the Department of Finance.

André Downs had joined the Government of Canada in 1991, following several years as senior economist in two major Canadian financial institutions.  He holds a Ph.D. in economics, with a specialization in international trade, from the London School of Economics.


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